About Our Brand 
Mark, a 4th Generation Farmer, saw yield losses in his fields due to planter problems.  He then started working with Precision Planting products, and found some exciting solutions.  A few years later, Mark started Sagely Sown as a dealership for Precision Planting.  Today we specialize in planter enhancements and technology: upgrading planters and custom building planters.  We are here to help you sow the seeds of success.” 
The early days...

Mark Jensen started Sagely Sown with a '93 dually.  With his son Hans Jensen and other family assisting, yearly trips to Northern Illinois to attend Precision training seminars, Mark began to grow in knowledge and confidence in the Precision Planting product line. 

In 2012, Hans Jensen began assisting farmers in the Magic Valley area.  Spring time became busier & busier as we began consulting and servicing more farms and dairies.

Now, Mark runs his farm and Sagely Sown with the assistance of his son Josiah Jensen and son-in-law Jon Crotser.  With storefronts in the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley, Sagely Sown believes in Customer Service first. Bringing Precision Planting products from Our Farm, to Your Farm.